Welcome to Rennen Autohaus

August 6, 2009

Rennen Autohaus is Southern Johnson County’s answer to all things European car related. A full service shop equipped with the latest computer diagnostic equipment, all wheel drive dynamometer, and experienced staff and technicians that have been in the Kansas City auto service industry for many years.

Rennen Autohaus is dedicated to providing simple answers and solutions to what can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming auto servicing needs. Additionally, our staff specializes in modification options to increase horsepower, braking concerns, suspension, tires for traction control, cosmetic desires including body kits, wheels, and everything in between.

Rennen Autohaus has aligned itself with the best vendors in the industry including Fabspeed, Evolution Motorsports, Sharkwerks, Vivid Racing and more.

Conveniently located off of I-35 and 56 highway, our brand new customer friendly facility is ready to meet your needs. Call with questions or to set your appointment today.  Also feel free to scroll down and take a look at past/current projects and feel free to email with any questions you may have.

Rennen Autohaus

550 East 56 Highway

Olathe, KS 66061

(913) 424 – 0979


2011 958 Cayenne Twin Turbo Cat-Bypass Pipes Installed

October 26, 2012

There’s no doubting the newest edition of Porsche’s Cayenne SUV is a feat of engineering in it’s own right, however that’s not to say it can’t be improved upon by adding a little more growl, breathing ability and spool-time for the Twin Turbo edition.  Today we’ve accomplished this by way of Fabspeed Motorsport’s New Cayenne Twin Turbo Cat Bypass pipes.  These pipes bypass the extra set of catalytic converters that come standard on the Cayenne Twin Turbo.  This in no way affects your oxygen sensor readings as the second set of cats comes after both pre- and post- oxygen sensors reading from the front set of cats only.  Put simply, no check engine lights, more HP and a much better tone while still being 50 state legal as there is still  a set of cats left under the 958.  Fabspeed has dyno tested these bypass pipes to be good for an additional 20HP, quicker spool times on the Turbos and a more aggressive exhaust note as the stock setup is quite sedate.  Take a look at the quality, fit and finish below:

Fabspeed’s New Polished 304 Stainless Cat Bypass Pipes

Call Rennen Autohaus today for sale pricing including installation and all mounting hardware.  Set your Cayenne apart from the pack.  Available for Non-Turbo Cayennes as well as Audi’s Q7 and the Volkswagen Touareg.

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Fabspeed Exhaust Sale Going On NOW!

February 25, 2011

Right now the team at Rennen Autohaus is running a sale on all things Fabspeed… This covers everything from their air-cooled dual exit high-flow muffler systems right up to the current, state of the art valvetronic 997 systems.  Even the 997tt.2 Systems are included and they are on the shelf ready to go… Call or eMail (jeremynydegger@gmail.com) for a quote today.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the savings!

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HUGE Bilstein PSS9 and PSS10 sale Including Damptronics

January 2, 2011

Come the end of this year we’ve got overstock of just about all options for the Bilstein PSS9 and PSS10 suspension kits.  This includes the Damptronic kits for the 997 platform, as well as all 996, 997 and Boxster applications, both NA and Turbo.  If you’re in the market shoot me an email at jeremynydegger@gmail.com for a quick quote on your specific application and save drastically off of retail pricing.

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Save The Ring – Nurburgring in Big Trouble

December 30, 2010

If  you haven’t heard by now the famous Nurburgring is in huge financial trouble.  I want to use today’s post to help spread the word in a last ditch effort by the world over to save this beloved institution.  Straight from savethering.org:

“From 2007 – 2009 the German government built a huge Leisure Park at the Nürburgring. It is based on fake visitor numbers, oversized and badly executed. Most of the time it is an empty ghost town. Once promised as private investment, it is now based on a debt of 350+ million EUR public money.”

Please friend Save the Ring on Facebook and visit www.savethering.org to learn more.

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An old friend stops by…

October 6, 2010

Today I had a chance to revisit an old project car.  A supercharged Porsche 996 C4 was brought over from the local Porsche Dealership here in Kansas City as it was no longer making full boost pressure and hesitating badly upon hard acceleration.  When hearing about the problem over the phone I assumed it was a simple boost leak but the customer relayed the fact that all boost hoses were in place so we had the car brought out.  After a close inspection it turned out the Diverter Valve had a small fracture in the rubber diaphragm and was in need of replacement.  After that the car boosted normal again and after blowing a boost hose off that wasn’t tight in the first place, it was back to 100%.  Until next time…

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Cutting Wheel 1 – Jeremy 0

August 13, 2010

Yesterday was cut a little short (no pun intended) as I managed to shatter a cutting wheel and take it in the forearm attempting a simple cut on a beautiful 1987 911′.  The client’s sway bar mount had broken off the frame and needed to be liberated before the new one could be welded into place.  I had actually already cut the old mount off and was getting ready to weld in the new one when I decided I wanted to clean up one more spot to ensure a good, strong weld.  At that time my blade broke apart, sending one half digging into my arm and caused me to drop the grinder which found its way into the sleeve of my shirt and got me again on the shoulder.  I’ll spare you the gross details and leave you with a few shots of one of my prouder moments under a car…

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Porsche 996 911 Oil Change DIY, How To

August 10, 2010

Today’s post is the first in a series of ‘How To’s’ for the home wrench.  I’ll start off right away and let you know there simply is no way of doing a ‘cheap’ oil change on a 911 as they require 9 qts of fully synthetic oil which in itself will add up.  But you can possibly save yourself a few dollars from the local dealership as well as having the peace of mind in knowing the job was done properly.

The pictures provided will be on the lift, however this can easily be done on the ground with jack-stands.

First, start off by making sure the motor is warm and up to operating temp.  This will insure the maximum amount possible of old oil is drained from the motor.  You’ll want to start with pulling the drain plug as you would with any other car:

This is a 5/16 Hex Bit.  Remove and discard the crush seal, clean and set aside.  Word of caution… the oil will quite literally shoot out of the pan at first and WILL BE HOT.  I always wear gloves as there’s pretty much no way to keep it off your hands unless you don’t mind drenching your tools.  Let the car drain for about 20 minutes or so.  You’ll want to be sure and have a large enough container to collect the oil, keep in mind you’ve got 9 quarts coming your way.

After the motor has had sufficient time to drain, replace your crush seal and torque the drain plug down to 37 ft/lbs.  Next, move onto the filter…

Remove with your filter wrench of choice and replace the filter unit and rubber seal that will be included with your filter kit.  Make sure to always replace this seal as constant heating and cooling can cause it to fatigue over time even if it appears 100% from the outside.  Simply place your filter in the housing, fill with fresh mobil 1 (or the oil of your choice) and move topside.

From here the process is pretty straight forward… I fill with 8 qts of mobile 1 being sure to check the dipstick that the N/A 911 motors are so kind to provide us with, replace the cap and start the motor for about 20 seconds.  I then move back to the bay and fill with the 9th and final qt.  It’s always a good practice to check the dipstick numerous times in case you went too fast and left a drain-plug loose, or the filter loose.  Doing your own oil change but pouring the oil straight in the top and out the bottom will NOT save you money! 🙂

Your 911 is also equipped with a gauge in the cab to keep an eye on both oil pressure and amount.  It’s the nature of a flat boxer motor to use a little bit of oil so always keep an eye on your level throughout normal operating conditions.  As always you are doing this oil change at your own risk and I hold no accountability… That said, it’s quite easy and can be tackled by the home mechanic even on a complex motor such as your 3.4 or 3.6 liter Porsche mill.  Thanks for taking a look and feel free to ask any questions, as always if you’ve found this tutorial helpful and would like to donate any small amount please send paypal donations to kuhawk@excite.com which allows me to keep posting these up.  Wrench on!

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